Week 11, due Nov 13

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    Ashley Maeshiro (Saturday, 14 November 2020 00:07)


    At Mililani-Ike this week, I taught my second tiri-tiri unit lesson. The students started their hybrid schedule starting on Thursday, so they returned back to school this week. With the hybrid schedule, all of the classes are split in half (Group A and B), so while group A is at school, group B is at school and vice versa. The students have music on days that they are at home, so how we run class hasn’t changed much. The main difference is that we have double the amount of classes now since they are all in half sizes, so there were five classes throughout each day. I like the smaller class sizes because it’s easier for me to monitor the students because I can see them all at the same time, instead of having to scroll through them.

    I think that the classes went generally well. The students were participating for the most part, but only a few were willing to volunteer to sing on their own. With the classes split, I think that there is the possibility that for some classes more of the students that tend to volunteer ended up in one group than the other. To help get the students to sing on their own, Lauren told them that next class we are going to have flashcards and just pull people’s names to sing. She said that maybe we can give them one pass, but after that, they have to at least try. I think this will also help encourage the students to participate and sing even though they are muted, just in case they get called on.

    The students generally expressed that they were happy to be back at school. I saw some of the students while they were walking in the halls or outside. Some of them waved hi when walking by, and even though it was a small gesture, it was nice to interact with them in person. It was a bit sad when I saw the students during recess and lunch and everyone was socially distanced, but it seemed like the students were cooperative for the most part.

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    Ashley Maeshiro (Saturday, 14 November 2020 00:06)


    I had a rough week at Highlands this week. During most of the classes, I felt unprepared and unsure of what I was supposed to be doing. I think that Clement was busy this past week, so he didn’t have that much time to plan what we were going to do. My COVID test situation was part of the reason why Monday was a bit unorganized, but Tuesday was not much better. There were many instances where there was miscommunication regarding what I was supposed to do, or how I was supposed to do it. As a teacher, and person in general, I think that confidence is something that I struggle with a lot. On Monday and Tuesday, I think that I had the least amount of confidence I have felt so far this semester.

    There are many factors that I think have contributed to my lack of confidence while teaching. Regarding my communication with Clement, I find myself unsure of what questions I should be asking him, or what I need from him. When he gives me a more broad idea of what he would like me to teach, I assume that either he and Daniel are not sure of what they want to do yet, or he is giving me the freedom to plan out details on my own. I have expressed to Clement previously that sometimes I would like a little more guidance when teaching something that I have not taught before, just so that I have an idea of how he would teach it before I try it on my own. This has helped me feel a little more confident and comfortable when teaching something new. Sometimes plans change minutes before class, and sometimes Clement gives me more details or instructions on how to run class the closer we get to class time. This week, I was affected by these changes a lot more than in previous weeks. I am aware that as a real teacher, these types of changes may come up, and the ability to be flexible and adjust quickly are skills that I need to develop if I want to be successful. This is where I find myself unsure of what questions to ask, or what to ask Clement for. Although I sometimes feel like I need more guidance or I would like to be able to plan my lessons ahead of time, I find myself conflicted by the idea of using these situations to practice and experience teaching a class without really having a lesson plan written out, or making adjustments to the lesson plan right before class. Although these situations can be very overwhelming for me, I feel like I should be pushing myself to become more comfortable with these situations.

    On a side note, my brother had an important IEP meeting on Thursday afternoon, and I think that I may have been a bit more flustered this week because I was worried about the meeting. Clement and I had a “heart to heart” conversation on Tuesday, and we talked about a lot of things. After reflecting on what we talked about, I realized that my brother has a large impact on my philosophy for teaching, and how I view my values in life as a whole.