2023 AOSA Conference Recap

Chet-Yeng Loong, Professor of Music Education, was invited as a featured presenter at the 2023 American Orff-Schulwerk Association Professional Development Conference (AOSA) in Albuquerque, NM, Nov 1-4, 2023. AOSA is the biggest general music conference in the United States. She is the first invited Asian featured presenter and will bring music education in Hawai’i to the national stage.

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As a featured presenter for the 2023 AOSA, Dr. Chet-Yeng Loong presented a series of sessions attended by music educators across the United States, Canada, and several other countries. Dr. Loong was also one of three presenters for the annual pre-conference symposium sponsored by the Alliance for Active Music Making (AAMM), an organization supporting collaboration between teachers involved in preparing the next generation of music teachers (Bond, 2023). 


Audience Reactions:

Dr. Loong spoke with deep knowledge and understanding based on her research into the history and culture of the people, both past and present, who are the music makers and creators of the area where she teaches. Dr. Loong’s session at the symposium was informative and engaging throughout. Lively discussions of her work and ideas followed her presentation. 

Later in the conference, I attended an evening session led by Dr. Loong, titled `Ukulele Hawaiian Style. Demonstrating graceful movement, she performed and led others in learning the hula ku’i while some participants continued to accompany her on the `ukulele, again taught by Dr. Loong. This was a beautiful session, a lovely way to celebrate the music and movement of Hawaii in a culturally responsive way. As a participant, I felt inspired and enriched by this experience.

Judith W. Bond, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point (retired) 

Dr. Chet-Yeng Loong was a true star at the 2023 AOSA Conference. As a featured presenter, Dr. Loong made four presentations to participants over the four days of the conference. The premise of Dr. Loong’s presentation, “Preparing the Next Generation,” was based on research she had done to gain a better understanding of the immigrant music found in Hawaii. Presentations for the general conference were Exhibit Ho`ihi and `Ukulele Hawaiian Style. The session unrelated to culture was Spice-Up Phonics Instruction with Music. Participants were enchanted by videos Dr. Loong brought of her non-English speaking Asian students speaking English using the charming materials she had gathered for each letter of the alphabet. Many teachers thanked her following the session as well as in the hallway. Dr. Loong, without a doubt, was a good choice as a featured presenter for the 2023 AOSA Conference in Albuquerque. She inspired many teachers with her presentations.

Nancy Lineburgh, Ph.D.
Retired K-12 General Music Specialist

Dr. Loong's presentation at the AAMM symposium focused on the extensive work she has done in researching music from Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, China, Malaysia, and multiple other countries throughout Asia. Dr. Loong spoke about selected pieces she has utilized in general music settings, and ways that educators and utilize these materials authentically and meaningfully with children. Her ability to demonstrate strong pedagogy while also modeling respect for the musical material and the community from which is originated was truly inspirational.


Brent M. Gault, Ph.D.
Professor of Music Education
 Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Dr. Loong’s interactive, multicultural presentation, Exhibit Ho`ihi, Respect to Cultural Differences, at the 2023 AOSA conference in Albuquerque, NM, was an eye opener for many attendees, who rarely had the opportunity to experience Hawai'i’s unique blend of musical cultures. Her workshop embodied the aloha spirit of sharing and the love of our many island cultures. Appropriately, she began with Aunty Pilahi Paki’s ALOHA chant, followed by Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino songs. Later, in her `ukulele class, she had everyone singing, dancing, and playing some of our favorite Hawaiian songs for keiki.
The attendees were enthusiastic during the session and came away with a better understanding of music for children in Hawai`i.
Wendy Chang
Maryknoll School, Music teacher
Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus, Associate Artistic Director

Kkomaya kkomaya, Korean Folk

Kamsah hamidah to Sora Yoon for her assistance