About Dr. Loong:

Dr. Chet-Yeng Loong, a native Malaysian Chinese, is currently a Professor of music education at the University of Hawai`i. She has completed all levels of Orff Schulwerk Teacher Education and is certified in the Kodály Method.


All of Dr. Loong's classes make heavy use of a website component to share mandatory content. In addition to readings, you will find videos, documents, and assignment information on the pages. 

Students will be given the necessary passwords to access the material.

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Books, DVDs, Trainings, and Workshops created by Dr. Loong can be found at her Impel Training website.


Multicultural Music


Teaching multi-cultural and world musics is more than teaching “music”. By having an in-depth understanding of the music of different cultures ourselves, we will be able to help students sing, play music and gain greater insights into the music of their own cultures as well as other cultures.


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Pūnaewele Mele


We wish to share the Pūnaewele Mele (music network) materials posted on these sites with children and teachers in the United States (specifically in the state of Hawai`i) during this challenging time when schools are closed, with the hope that the materials and activities will promote acceptance, diversity, and respect among the citizens of our country.  Parents of young children can do these activities with their children at home, helping them to make music and maintain a cheerful and positive frame of mind.