Dr. Loong
Dr. Loong
Chinese Children Songs & Singing Games

Rock, Paper Scissors 一角两角三角形 (Finger Play)

(jiao)has two meanings. It means cents; and also corner.


yi jiao liang jiao san jiao xing


(0ne corner, two corners, triangle.)


Si jiao wu jiao liu jiao ban


(Four cents, five cents, sixty five cents.)


qi jiao ba jiao jiu jiao



ling   ling,   wei,  wei, yi,    er,  san

    铃, 喂   喂,一  二 三

(Ring ring, hello, one two three.


Section A, Game:

Face a partner; clap each other’s right hand, left hand, then form a triangle with both hands.

Clap partner’s right hand, left hand, then put hands at waist level (half of the body).

Clap partner’s right hand, left hand.

Pretend to answer a phone, say hello, count 1 2 3  (rock paper scissors).

Winner will use one of his or her fingers tap on partner’s head; the partner guesses which finger.


Section B:

Students tap the lyrics on their laps by alternating their hands.

At the end of first and second phrases, students snap their fingers.

Transfer the tapping rhythm to the hand drum by playing with sticks.

Transfer the snapping to a froggy guiro.

Students clap the words – jiao – in the chant, which are mainly the off beats.

Transfer “jiao” to cymbals.

For “ling ling”, students roll the sticks on the drums (tremolo).

For “wei wei”, students tap on the side of the hand drums (tremolo).

For “yi er san”, students play on the center of the hand drums, and end the chant by shouting “hey”!